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Alright, I learned about solid state a while ago, and was really excited then. But, as I've seen it start to evolve, I really think this is the future of storage. Granted, I've had a few beers tonight, and, have no money to invest, but, I think we're really on the ground floor of a technology that could revolutionize the industury. What do you guys think?
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    Solid state hard drives will be the new storage medium of the future. Less moving parts is always a good thing in any device.

    I think we will also see operating systems running straight from RAM. (once upgrading your system to 10 gig of RAM becomes standard).
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    I think virtual machines will be a key part in the future possibly huge networks where all the nodes have no hard drives there O/S's are run from the servers taken the need for a HDD out of the equation.

    Making Maintenance and upgrades a doodle.

    Solid state does sound interesting! I wll get my hands on this tech once the prices have dropped.

    I also belivethe next future incarnation's of windows will be more lightweight I think Microsoft should really collaborate with the Open Source market to get the best of both worlds, Cygwin is a good example of how Open source technologies can be used to improve windows, They really do need to cut out the bloat from the O/S and make it more streamline and robust and of course stability is also a key.

    If you combine the games playing functionality of windows with Linux stability then you are onto a win win situation.
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    Solid State storage device has been available for awhile now, but it is fairly recent that the price point and storage capacity is threatening traditional magnetic disk. There were a few recent articles posted on Slashdot that indicated the technology should be ready for the mass market in the next few years.
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