Transcender Vs Self Test

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I've brought both of these for my 291 study and so far I have been through about half the questions on each one. What I'm noticing is that a lot of the questions seem to be the same and all of the sims are exactly the same. I'm hoping that I don't find that the whole content or 90 % of it is exactly the same. I know that Transcender has more questions, but I think these are the hot area questions which are different from the self test.

Has anyone else brought both of these? I feel a bit ripped off if they are going to be virtually identical.


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    Well, there are only so many ways you can ask a question. Since they both cover the same topics and both probably received the same information about the tests from Microsoft, they should be very similar. For example, you can change the IP addresses and subnet masks around and now the answer is to install a DHCP relay agent on Server 3 in Site C rather than Server 6 in Site B. Either way both questions are designed to assess that you know what a DHCP relay agent is and where it needs to be configured.
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    they are owned or "powered by" the same company I believe, and they are very similar, both are good products
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    I've never used Self Test, but after looking at their website, I noticed that they're part of Kaplan IT Learning, just like Transcender. has both Self Test and Transcender listed, so they very well could have identical questions.
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    That's interesting. Thanks for sharing.
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    I wonder if anyone could answer this question. I have a transcender 70-291 test, but its several years old. How often is the actual test updated by transcender?
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    How did you purchase it? I can still download anything I've ever purchased from them.

    To answer your question, I'd say quite a bit. I've had all my exams on my laptop for a couple of years. Recently, I decided to install some on my machine at work, so I could study on my breaks. Some of the exams were significantly different. For example, the 294 on my laptop had about a dozen less questions and none of the sims. I'd download the newest version if you're able to.
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    Transcender and Self Test are now both owned by the same company. I am not sure about the Microsoft tests but the Cisco ones are identical.
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    I am using a copy that a business I used to work for purchased for all their employees. But I dont work there any more and I noticed the copy I have is old. I'll probably buy a new copy to be safe.
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