Mike Meyers A+ All In One 5th Edition

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Does anyone happen to have a link to where I can purchase this book or at least an ISBN number? Everytime I look for it I get 300+ results...


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    http://www.totalsem.com/ thats Mikes site - or you can go somewhere like buy.com or amazon ISBN: 0-07-2229918

    I would check Mikes site out first.
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    I have already brought the “Faster, Smarter A+ Certification” book by MS Press. I was wondering would it be better to buy the “Mike Meyers All-in-one A+ certification 5th Edition book”? Instead of using the one I have already? I’m going to supplement my study with some A+ Transcenders from www.transcender.com? Would this be enough to pass the exam? Or is this an over kill? I have been doing the questions in the “Faster, Smarter A+ Certification” book and have been getting most of the questions right, I find them to be very easy. I also did the ones on the CD too and without reading the book I got 50% right on both the Hardware & OS practice tests from the book. I studied abit and got 70% on both Practice tests.

    Can someone tell me if this is a good study program?

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    Because of my own studies for A+, I always recommend that a person study at least 2 different study guides for any CompTIA exam. I used 3.

    A+ covers such a great area of material. Not necessarily in depth, but a lot of different areas of hardware information and software. I have found that any one study guide is not fully complete--close, but not full. The extra guide could give you just enough edge so that you would pass where you might not otherwise.

    Best of luck as you continue to prepare.
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    Thanks for the advice janmike... I think I'll invest in another book just so I cover everything. :D

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    D-boy writes,
    I'll ivest
    (don't sweat the typo's)

    Yes, yes, yes!

    We all need to remember that this study and lab time and cash we spend
    on learning IT and on these certs is an investment in ourselves and our futures. That sounds like a boring presentation by some company HR director, but it is the truth. I have to struggle constantly to keep that in mind(I bore myself sometimes).

    The time that we spend is a much greater investment than the comparatively small amount of cash we expend on study materials so, as best that we're able to afford, we need to supplement our time with these guides and other good sources.

    Continued luck to you D-boy!
    "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!"--Rafiki
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