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I want to make sure I have this correct. CDP, VTP, PagP all multicast over a trunk link on the default vlan right? By default, on catalyst switches, the default VLAN is VLAN1. The book is telling me that the default vlan is configurable, but I thought I have read other places that it was not. So if this default VLAN is configurable, then can these Protocols traverse a trunk link on a vlan other than 1?

Pg16 of this document kinda answers some of the question, but it doesn't explain how the deafult vlan is configurable.


Also these protocols have nothing to do with the Native vlan or a taggless frame right? In other words, I can set trunk peers to agree on VLAN2 as the native, and CDP or VTP would have no problems getting across on the default vlan?

BY the way, that document is one hell of a case study if anyone is bored enough to read it.
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    Default VLAN = Vlan 1 not configurable

    Native VLAN = Configurable

    Also you can't delete or disable the default VLAN, but you can prune it off the trunks (which is a good idea)
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    I guess that makes more sense. I just wanted to make sure because it states that it is configurable on multiple paragraphs. Derek, I remember you saying that it wasn't and I was refering to you in the first post, but I just wanted to clarify from the book. Ya I also read that even if the default is pruned, these ptotocols can still use the tag. It's just user data that would be pruned if I'm not mistaken.

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