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I hope this isn't a dumb question but anyhow here goes...

Do I receive an exam cert for every Cisco exam I take for my CCSP?

I have received my CCNA cert through the post. Then after completing SNPA, I never received a cert? Then later when I did my SND exam I received my Cisco Firewall Specialist Cert and Cisco Information Security Specialist plus the 4011 letter of recognition.

So for the SND and SNPA I don't have a cert saying I have passed them only online info. I just want to make sure I`m up to date with my certs.



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    You don't get anything for passing an exam other than your score report.

    But Cisco also has the Cisco Specialist Certifications -- check out Cisco Certification Exam Page and page down. When you take the CCSP exams, you also qualify for various Specialist Certifications along the way.

    Once you have your CCNA, that's the prequsite for most of the Specialist Certifications.

    Then if you take the SND exam, you qualify for the Cisco IPS Specialist and the CNSS 4011 Training Standard letter.

    Then the SND exam and SNPA exam qualifies you as a Cisco Firewall Specialist.

    The SND exam and the IPS exam qualifies you for the Cisco IPS Specialist.

    The SND exam and the SNRS exam qualifies you for the Cisco IOS Security Specialist.

    The SND exam and the CSVPN exam qualifies you as a Cisco VPN Specialist

    The SND with the new CANAC exam qualifes you as a Cisco Network Admission Control Specialist.

    When you have completed the 5 exams to get the CCSP, you also qualify for the CNSS 4013 Recognition letter.

    I had commented about this before in the Cisco IOS Security Specialist thread I had started.

    Remember that the Specialist Certifications are only valid for 2 years.
    :mike: Cisco Certifications -- Collect the Entire Set!
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