Essentials/Core Hardware Soon!!!

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I'm about to schedule my A+ Core Hardware for little over a week from now. I've gone though a couple of books to bring me up to date on whats covered on the exam. I'm getting on average 80's and 90's on the example tests on this site. My only weak point is IRQ table which I need to fully memorize again...

Any advice on what to expect on this exam would be good!!! Is there any weird questions, strange things that popup. I'm sure I'll be fine although I was even nervous when I took my driving test for the first time (in the US) almost 1 year ago. icon_lol.gif


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    Well, if you've reviewed the Objectives and understand them well enough to teach it to someone who knows nothing about them, have experience, and have a couple of study resources like Meyers and/or Sybex, then you may be ready.

    Best way to tell is schedule it and go for it! :D
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