Best way to learn Linux?

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Hey, I have a friend that wants to learn Linux, but knows little to nothing. He wants to go the certification route, but is kind of hesitant because reading reviews on books he said he always sees, "must know a little Linux when reading this", or "having some knowledge of Linux prior is a good thing." That discourages him. I told him, buy a good Linux+ plus book, get a Ubuntu machine, and just go at like that. Or get a VM of Ubuntu, while reading the Linux+ book......? I am not a Linux guy so not really sure the best way for him to learn.

I told him about LPI, but again some book reviews from other people say those quotes I mentioned. I don't know if I should tell him to go the LPI route or Linux+? I have been leaning towards the Linux+ and have Ubuntu at the house.

not sure.
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    The Linux+ is more entry level than LPI, but still assumes 6 months of "real world" experience and not just surfing around with firefox and using Thunderbird on a user friendly GUI distro like Ubuntu.

    ***Disclaimer - no offence to Ubuntu. It's just too new for Linux+ coverage.***

    Still, the basics are not hard to learn if one applies oneself. If he is interested in taking the Linux+, I would recommend choosing a distro like Fedora or Debian. I wouldn't start with a Linux+ cert book, but maybe something more like a basic Linux book for whatever distro he chooses. Even a Linux for Dummies book would get someone started, and then move on to something more advanced from there.

    We have some Linux+ Tech Notes on this site too:

    Good luck to both you and your friend.
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