Start new job December 10th

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Hi guys and girls,

I start a new job Monday December 10th, ICT Technician on a school network consisting of around 140 workstations/notebooks, and three Windows 2000/2003 servers.

I'm not anticipating that I will have input on the servers at first, more than likely my responsibilities will be troubleshooting and maintaining workstations, plus I think that they really need someone who can repair notebooks too, which I can do.

I'm really looking forward to starting there, and they have told me that I'll be sent on an RM training course in the New Year, as RM machines constitute the majority of the network.

I just wondered if anybody might have any tips and advice on RM networks and machines, because to be honest I've never touched one in my years as a PC technician. Dells, Compaqs, Time/Tiny etc. etc. no problem - RM can't be much different can they?
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Then: no more 2003 stuff, Win7 here we come!
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