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If you have started a job and was promised within the first few months of the job and you did not get it, would you stick around? I started a new job a few months ago and was promised a couple of things and every time I bring them up, my boss keeps putting them off. What would you do?


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    depends if you can afford to be without a job or not - but i would say to him ... please can we discuss this else i have no choice but to resign.

    do you have anything in writing of the promises ?
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    My current situation is like that. I haven't gotten some the responsibilities and pay that I was promised originally. The company has gone through some pretty dramatic changes, so I don't fault management entirely. While it is somewhat disappointing, there are other aspects of the job that make up for it. It's really up to you to determine whether or not it's a big enough problem to make an issue out of it or find another job.
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    Sleep with the boss's wife.
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    Sleep with the boss's wife.

    The boss is don't have a wife. lol

    Just trying to decide if I need to start to explore other options. There is not alot of benefits of staying except for experience. We don't get bonus or profit sharing and if you ask for a day off he automatically assumes you are looking for another job. If you step out in the hall and took on your cell phone he is really paranoid about that.
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    Well if you are not happy start looking. I wouldn't just quit though because you never know how long it will takje to find any job, much less one better than your current. Just suck up all the experience you can while you search for something better.
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    I was in the same boat before. I began looking for other jobs...when I found one, I gave my notice, and I was asked to stay for the promises. They were readily about to give me the stuff that was promised, and I thought to myself...hmmm, they could have done this when they promised they would, and now that I threaten to leave, they are going to do it...best for me to leave. Don't go unless you have somewhere else to go.
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