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Hello everyone, I am looking for some advice. I will be separarting from the military with 10 years as an IT one year from now. When should I start looking around for my next job? I know I am a little early now, but I know it isnt too far away. Thank you for your time.


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    I don't think it would hurt to start casually looking now. Just make sure you're clear about when you can start, so you're not wasting anyone's time. Some positions can be locked up pretty far in advance. Your experience might make you a candidate worth waiting for.

    I'd start making serious efforts about 2-3 months before you leave. That'll give you time to go through the interviewing process, but not keep them waiting too long.
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    Now might be a good time to start networking. MAybe you could try to find some people in the area that work as civilians. Find some resources you can call on when that time comes.
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    I would start getting contacts about six months to a year out. Tell them you will be getting out soon and are looking for new career possibilities. They probably won't offer anything that far out, but at least you will get your resume out and a reason to contact them when the time comes. Also get in contact with some recruiters. They will come in handy if you can't find something on your own.
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    Were in the same boat, I"m about 9 months out. 1st thing is make sure your military stuff is up to date like your clearance and things of that nature. Next start getting your resume ready its always good to have a spare around. Also when you are a year out for goverment jobs is now the time to start getting ready to apply the hiring process is much longer, so people usually apply like a year out depending on the job close date so look into that. Next start making contacts with all the contractors who come in and do installations and upgrades. You might not wanna work for a contractor or vendor, but they know people who know people. I could go on and on with this, but the best place to start is your TAP class.
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    There are a lot of government contracts for IT going on right now that require Security Clearances, knowledge of DOD protocols/customs and courtesies, so you should be good to go. You should be fine!!
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    Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the advice.
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