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I passed the JNCIA-ER today with a score of 81%. The exam was not too difficult compared to that of Cisco and the passing score is 70%. The J-series configuration looks very much like Java code. I am thinking of going for JNCIS-ER since I still have a month to hit the free voucher.

One thing I noticed on my candidate receipt, it stated the expiration date for this exam is 11/30/08, I thought Juniper certifcation lasts for 2 years once certified??? The company I work for is considered mid-small size company and we have NetScreen Firewalls. If the certification only lasts for a year, I would move on to JNCIA-FWV instead of JNCIS-ER. Hope someone can clarify this for me.

I am also curious what type of company would use J-series routers? I am trying to get some of them to play around with but they are very pricy.

Thanks for reading!
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    Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congratulations man
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    Well done!!!!!!!!!!!
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    could anyone please let me know what to start the JNCIA-ER Certification preparation. The following is one book that is recommended:
    Junos Enterprise Routing.

    Apart from that one ,I read in one of the threads about the Sybex book which in pdf format is available for free on Juniper's website.
    I read the initial pages and it appear that the book is specifically for JNCIA-M track.

    Could any of you please guide if at all going through this book is needed.

    Thanks in Advance
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    That book is excellent and will cover all the theory for the JNCIA-ER, JNCIS-ER, and even the JNCIE-ER. You could supplement with the student guides from Juniper, availabe for download via their Fast Track program. Those are the same guides used in the instructor lead courses. Re-direct for Juniper Networks Fast Track Program I believe.

    The Sybex books are specific for the M/T track, however, as both use JUNOS, the content in the Sybex series of books is valuable and relevant. The Sybex will go cover topics that are not covered in the ER series such as ISIS and MPLS, but then will miss topics that are more Enterprise related like DHCP, Firewalls, etc. I would say, use the Sybex books in addition to the JUNOS Enterprise Routing book if you need more details or still feeling uncomfortable with topics that overlap; such as OSPF, BGP, etc.
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    i've cleared the JNO-342 also this afternoon - scored 75%. not bad for myself since after having a heavy laugh reading dynamik posts on my "its very ..." post last night, didnt have much time to sleep. a compensation for my previous failed JNCIA-ER attempt. Continuing to JNCIS now - so i dont have to break my lab and build it again.

    not too difficult - i think - but why does any exam still makes me nervous? :)

    just like zoidberg said - all the material from that fasttrack program itself is good enough - both the juniper slide and the sybex book. read them well and good luck :)
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    awesome job on the pass rossonieri#1, congrats indeed!
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