294/297 advice.

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I done the MOC for 70-294 about 18 months ago. Booked the exam as i had to use a voucher before a certain date, and well, i didnt study enough and failed the exam.

I need 294 and design exam for my MCSE, so i'm thinking of doing this.

Restart the MOC book for 70-294, followed by the MSPress book for 70-297.
on completing both, then doing study guide. Then 294 exam, then 297 exam.

Would you say this is OK or should i just do 294 first then concentrate on 297 ?

I'm asking because i will be studying 297 with a mate and didnt want to hold him up, yet the earliest date i could book my 294 retake is 25th Jan 2008!

your thoughts please
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    I don't think you'll have too much of a problem if you have a good grasp of the 294 material. Just be sure to keep reviewing/studying that as well. The material in 297 will be similar, and looking at AD from a design/planning perspective might even help you understand 294 concepts better. I wouldn't pass up a chance to learn the material with someone; that's an excellent way to learn.
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    yes, my friend and i went to tutor led courses together, it helped because when i 'was tired' he would urge me to turn up, and same vice versa.

    I also thought that the 297 content could help with 294, but not seeing the exams i thought i'd ask here.

    Thanks for your points above mate. Taken them in :)

    I'm going to borrow works 294 book tomorrow to compliment the MOC coursebook.
    We're planning on starting 297 in the new year so i have a month to read up my 294 :)
    Working towards MCSE2003
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