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I'm taking a break from the MS test for a bit and want to do something a bit different. Is the Security+ worth doing? I did the A+ years ago and have always thought of it as a joke in compairson to the MS Tests. If I were to go through with Security+ what material do you reccomend using? I've always used Sybex and Exam Cram 2 stuff, will they get the job done?


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    The Security+ was my favorite thus far.

    This is the best book I've seen: I had another one, possibly the Sybex, and it was a joke. You won't regret getting the Syngress book. I used CBT Nuggets and Trascender as supplements to that.

    The test itself had some vague wording and somewhat dated questions, but the learning the material was really enjoyable.
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    I've heard a lot about CBT and Transcenders, am I correct that CBT are training videos and Transcenders are very expense practice tests?

    I guess I'll move on and do this one, I guess it can't hurt.
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    Yes. They might be considered "very expensive" compared to a book, but not compared to having to retake a test ;)

    This will also count towards your MCSE security specialization, if you decide to pursue that.
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    Yeah, the MCSE:Seciruty is one of the reason I was thinking of taking this as a break from the MS tests. I see you took 70-294, that will be my next MS test, how was it?
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    Not bad. Many people say it's easy, but it was relatively difficult for me. I work in a small business, so I don't have a lot of hands-on experience with multiple sites, complex GPO configurations, etc.. It wasn't too bad though. Same type of study materials, except substitute the MS Press book for the Syngress book and add a few virtual machines for the exercises.
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