In orer to hide from the 291 again

I've decided to do the TS: Exchange Server 2007, Configuring 70-236 exam.

This is because were just putting it in at work :D . I want to set a lab up of this at home too ( As I would probably bugger up the real one ).

No problems setting server 2003, AD etc up BUT Im not sure how to do this bit.... I would have the lab setup at home but I wish to remain on a static IP from my ISP. It should be no problem doing internal email ( as far as I know ) but any idea how I can get email through from the outside? Im told if I had a static IP I could register an MX record? ( if anyone wants to clarify this further I'd be gratefull how it works icon_wink.gif )

Anyone know of a solution or actually done this?

Anyone taken the exam and how did they rate it?


Amy. :P
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    You'll need public DNS entries for whatever domain name your using. Your ISP can do this, but you may not to ask them to, since running your own server from home may be frowned upon. I know that I can setup DNS entries with my registrar, so maybe yours will give you that option as well. And you're right, the MX record is the DNS entry that is required for email.

    I hear the 291 material is very important for setting up exchange. I've seen many people complain that they got more routing questions than they did Exchange questions. Those complains were regarding the 2003 exam; I'm not sure if 2007 is different. Regardless, It would probably benefit you greatly to do 291 before you do Exchange.
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    mx record = mail exchanger record

    For a mail server to know where to deliver external mail they must be able to resolve the domain name and within that domain's zone file there should be an mx record which tells the mail server where to deliver mail for this particular domain....

    eg. [email protected]

    mail server queries for

    - a dns server with the zone replies.......
    - within the zone there will be A record pointing to valid host eg (
    - there will also be an mx record pointing to with a valid preference which means where the querying mail server will attempt to send the mail first.... Lower preference = 1st used

    If you want to set this up you must have a static IP or the ability to use dynamic DNS.... For reliability probably better to go the static IP path.... Then you must have someone willing to host a dns zone for your domain containing a A record pointing to your mail server's public IP and an mx record pointing to the A record of your mail server.

    If you can only get one static IP from your ISP then you could always NAT(network address translation)anything destined for port 25(SMTP) on your Public IP to the internal address of your mail server.....

    P.S I'm tired..... Hopefully I didn't ramble to much and confuse you even more...... :D

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