So what about security certifications like CIW, CCISP?

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I am wondering if any one of you have the CIW or CCISP security certifications. I am contemplating the posibility of get one of these after my MCSE: Security, Does they worth the time and effor? and does anybody knows what is the process of recertification with CIW?
I heard that CCISP is the best of all, is that truth?

Any help, comments or remarks about it?



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    CISSP is THE security certification. However the requirements for it are a little difficult ..
    To sit for the CISSP examination, a candidate must:

    Submit the examination application with the required $450 fee. Click here to download the exam application.
    Assert that he or she possesses a minimum of four years of professional experience in the information security field or three years plus a college degree.
    Complete the Candidate Agreement, attesting to the truth of his or her assertions regarding professional experience and legally commit to adhere to the CISSP Code of Ethics. click here to view the CISSP Code of Ethics
    Successfully answer four questions regarding criminal history and related background.

    To be issued a certificate, a candidate must:

    Pass the CISSP exam with a scaled score of 700 points or greater.
    Submit a properly completed and executed Endorsement Form.
    If the candidate is selected for audit, they must successfully pass that audit of their assertions regarding professional experience.

    Once a candidate has been notified of passing the CISSP examination, he or she will be required to have his or her application endorsed by a CISSP before the credential can be awarded. If no CISSP can be found, another qualified professional with knowledge of information systems or an officer of the candidates corporation can be used to validate the candidate's professional experience.

    The endorser will attest that the candidate's assertions regarding professional experience are true to the best of their knowledge, and that the candidate is in good standing within the information security industry.

    Upon receipt of the Endorsement Form and barring a random audit of the candidate's professional experience, the CISSP credential should be awarded within one business day, with a formal notification sent via e-mail.
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    jezz, that sucks!!... i mean if you dont have a job or experience there is no way to have the cissp certification.

    Im wondering if i could get at least CSSP from (ISC). the requirements are different, though... je je je $60 per year to keep the cert?? uhhh?? thats new business he he...

    Do you guys think that i can prepare for Security+ and CIW security at the same time? like read the 2 books, practice, practice and practice in the lab and take both tests at the same time? say same week? that would be a bad strategy? at the end, are not these certifications deeply related?


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    I plan on taking the CISSP before I venture onto my CCIE R&S. If you look at the study material in the book store you'll see that the CISSP is a manager's exam. They cover just about everything in security (crytpo, physical, theory, etc). I know a few people who passed it and its not that hard, it's just that there is tons of stuff that this exam covers. :)
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