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I have had some interviews this year with various organizations. I have noticed a few things.
There are some shops that are purely IT and they give lip service to customer service skills and are staffed by some of the most arrogant IT types i have ever met but they are technology forward and have a lot of the new stuff thats out there. There ae some that are laid back but are in the mode of "if it aint broke dont fix it" and are comfortable working with tried and true technologies and only upgrade if needed. Just wanted some opinions pro/cons on both environments.


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    I think you're overgeneralizing a bit. I've socialized with people from those types of shops, and most of them have been extremely intelligent and well-mannered. I wouldn't work for any organization if I didn't like the atmosphere. It is true that if you always want to play with new toys you're going to need to go with one of those organizations or be some sort of consultant. This makes sense when you think about because no organization is going to be perpetually upgrading. If you're working for a large organization, you might get to upgrade once a new product reaches a certain level of reliability, such as the first service pack. Then you'd support it for 3-5 years, and so the cycle goes.
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    They both target different type of client. Remember, there so much thing you can prevent to happen. Murphy Law always here and will never stop.

    Some finance company (international capability) required high level infrasturcture and pushing technology to the limited.

    While some local company or even city agencies will all depend on their IT budget will limit the development of their IT department. The idea of we wouldn't fix it until it broke which make perfect sense to them.

    I have both type of working experience and gain so much knowledge by working with them. Pro/Con is all depend of your own point of view.
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