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Guys for those of you pursuing the CCIE I think this is a pretty amazing deal that IPexpert sent me

Year-End Special... Never Seen Before Offer!

Purchase the IPexpert CCIE Lab Workbook with Proctor Guide, the Video on Demand DVDs and the Audio Boot Camp CDs for the cost of ONLY buying the Workbook!!! (Yes, this is for real.)

For only $599 (R&S and Security) or $799 (Voice), you will receive a study kit containing ALL of these materials:

A professionally-printed and bound Lab Preparation Workbook
Begins with individual protocol- and technology-focused scenarios to build your understanding of the foundation topics in the CCIE Lab blueprint.
Graduates into full-day "mock lab" challenges to give you the feel of the real lab exam.
Access the configurations for each lab, so you can check your work.
A hard copy of the Proctor Guide, which is the ideal companion to the Workbook
Provides walk-through explanations to the Workbook labs!
Video on Demand DVDs
Unable to attend a live classroom training? This recorded Video on Demand lecture series provides in-depth discussions of the lab blueprint topics. Recorded by the renowned instructors at IPexpert.
This is an EXTRA value of $899-999 you get for free!
Audio Boot Camp CDs
This is the perfect way to keep learning while you are driving, exercising or just relaxing. Listen to in-depth lectures on the CCIE Lab blueprint topics. Recorded by our CCIE-certified experts!
This is an extra value of $799-899 you get for free!


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    I guess we should mention the "Year-End Special" is now a "New Year" special... it's still going on until January 29th.

    Definitely a good deal.

    I got the Voice Self-Study Kit. The Workbook/Proctor Guide came a couple weeks ago, and the Audio CDs and Video on Demand DVDs came the other day. Now I have something to entertain me when I get bored with studying for the R&S and Security Labs.
    :mike: Cisco Certifications -- Collect the Entire Set!
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