Passed 70-620 Today

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Passed today, no congrats please, its just a client exam (nothing like 70-291 or 293 they need congrats :D ).

Used the Microsoft press book. Does any one else get annoyed that after heaps of study, and a believed confidence in your own ability, a good understanding of the concepts and good results on the practices tests, but after doing the actual exam you walk away thinking I could have passed it with out studying!!

I'm not trying to blow my own trumpet (didnt get 1000), but making the point that the exam was more common sense that actual content from the study material. I believe that to answer some of the questions you really needed real world experience not time studying books or practice tests.

Just p*&sed off after studying for weekend after weekend I suspect I may have been able to pass just because I use Vista everyday.

Any way just my 2c worth. icon_confused.gif
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    dynamikdynamik Banned Posts: 12,312 ■■■■■■■■■□
    [obligatory congratulations statement omitted per your request]

    I see that you've taken 270 as well. How would you say the two compared? Was it the same type of concepts?

    Also, can you please elaborate on what daily use might help with the exam? One person may do significantly different tasks than another, and I was curious as to what you found to be helpful on the exam.

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    Doing mine tomorrow. Were there any simulations or they all multi-guess.

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    SWMSWM Member Posts: 287
    Excellent :D

    No there are no sims (well not in mine), all multi choice

    I found the 70-270 harder, but it was my first MS exam and I guess a real eye opener for how MS do things.

    Very similar concepts between the two exam, I hade the problem where I ddi't agree with any of the answers as I feel there is a better way to solve the problem, or that the answers given can be a bit vague. i.e what is the BEST way to do something.

    Good luck
    Isn't Bill such a Great Guy!!!!
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