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well its offical I just signed up for classes (MCSE 2003) with Micropower Computer Institute which starts in January and ends in may (every sat). I have experience in windows environment for 4 1/2 yrs but no certs.

I have the 70-270 book and started to read last night.

This is going to be tough since I haven't really had to study in 4 yrs. The classes they are doing about 18 hrs per book plus my own studying. Kinda neverous any good types since I have no taken any type of cert. testing???????

My goal is to pass each exam just as each class ends which approx. 3 weeks.



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    18 hours per exam isn't much. That's probably equivalent to CBT Nuggets material. You'll probably get more out of it since you're actually going to be in a lab and participating. At the same time, you won't be able to rewind :D

    It might take you a bit to get back into study mode, but once you acclimate to it again, you'll do fine.

    3 weeks per exam is pretty ambitious. What kind of experience do you have? With that kind of time frame, 291 and 293 are going to be absolutely brutal if you're not used to working with that material.
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    It's going to take you a lot of work to take those exams in 3 weeks. I did just about every exam in 3-4 weeks but I basically spent about 50-60 hours per week doing hardcore study (focused study without getting distracted) and I absorb information really well. So if you do plan on passing an exam in a legitimate fashion and to the point where you want to retain the information so you can be a good tech, it most likely will take you more than 3 weeks. That is unless of course you plan on putting in a ton of time during those 3 weeks of concentrated study. Just my 2 cents.
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    OK - Its great setting yourself a target, but setting a realistic one is important.

    I done, 290, 291, 293, 294 at college, 7 hours per week (3.5 hours monday/wednesday)
    Each course lasted 5 weeks.

    As one course finished, the next one started - i found it REALLY hard going, studying for 290 exam, whilst doing 291 in classroom ect, and the reason being,
    Mondays class, set reading to be done BY WEDNESDAY, so that was tuesday evening taken yup too, wednesdays class - reading set for monday - so again another 3 hours reading before Mondays class.

    Trying to revise for 290 whilst doing 291 was a heavy workload.

    In the end, what i done was - the 4 courses at college, which overall took Nov 05 to July 06
    Then i went back and revised the exams 1 by 1, self studied 270, 284 and soon 297

    So I started in Nov 05 and STILL doing exams.

    Yes i got a lil lazy in between studdies and didnt hardcore study, what i found myself doing was trying various things in my working environment at work. This ensured a sound understanding before exams etc.

    We done 290 first, you say your reading 270 book, well i'm not sure what server/AD exposure you've had - but i do feel 290 is a better starting point. Well it was for me :)
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