Prices on Resources for 70-291 Exam

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I will be purchasing the Microsoft 2nd Edition book, Transcenders exams, and CBT Nuggets videos for the 70-291 exam thanks to the recommendations of previous posts. Does anyone have a particular store or reseller they purchase Transcenders or CBT Nuggets through? I was wanting to know if there were certain stores that offer discounts on those products instead of purchasing them directly from the website. Thanks.


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    You can maybe pick up some used items on Ebay or Amazon. You have to activate Transcender tests, so you might have a harder time finding those. Just make sure you're getting the actual materials and not copies.
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    I'm in the same boat. I looked for a cheaper price for CBT Nuggets, Transcender, and a few others...they all have a no-resale clause. It looks like the only place you can buy them is from their website. I didnt see them on ebay or amazon.
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    Thanks for the info! I did a little further research and found a few interesting things. First, if you already have an MCP and access to the MCP website, you can get a 10% discount on CBT Nuggets. This information is directly off of the MCP website. I will definately use that one.

    The only information I have found about Transcenders is from the website. They offer a Microsoft Transcender Cert Pack - Pro package that includes the test voucher and a download from Transcenders for a test. The website states that the download from Transcenders can be used for the 70-291 exam. The website says the product for that exam is NetCert/Implementation 2003 ( 105 Questions ) Flash included. If you look on Transcenders website, the product they sell is actually 170 questions. Not sure if that is a type-o or not. One of the FAQs on states they are authorized to resell Transcender products. I have never used getcertify4less so I don't know if they are a trustworthy company to try. Has anyone used them in the past?

    I am ordering my MS book from Barnes and Noble which includes a 15% discount off the Microsoft exam.
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    afarmer wrote:
    I have never used getcertify4less so I don't know if they are a trustworthy company to try. Has anyone used them in the past?
    I've used them, as well as a couple of friends. No problems at all. Its strange how sites can charge different amouts for the same voucher.
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