70-291 update passed :)

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scheduled for monday ><


i took this test today when i reached around question 42 out of 46 the application had an error and the testing center had to fix this it took around 30 minutes for them to restart the software and i had to take the test a second time icon_sad.gif, i was pretty confident the first attempt but even though they offered me a chance to reshcedule i decided to just get it over with i was pretty drained after spending over 1hr 30 minutes on the first attempt and ended up with a score of 694 icon_sad.gif

i registered with microsoft second shot coupon, whats the procedure to getting my free retake?


i called prometric and will be taking it again :)


took the exam again today passed with a 880 (i think with this pass im now mcsa !!!! :) )

training materials i used were testout 70-291, trainsignal labs dhcp dns

i also used a sybex book


Server 2003 Network infrastructure Implementation,Management, and Maintenance

i used the book as a review for the videos

i plan to study for 70-293 next


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    Good luck! Just got three words for ya...DNS, DNS, & DNS!
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    thx :) i been re-reading dns,dhcp, wsus
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    Don't forget about RRAS!
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    Good luck!

    I was also hit heavy with WSUS!
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    I took 3 prometric exams last week and each test would freeze for a few minutes and then return to the test.
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    same here with the test freezing...luckily mine started back up after about 3 mins...I was scared too. I dont know what is up with prometric but that never happened with Vue.
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    yea i dunno what happened ive only used prometric for testing so far and this is the first time something like this has happened
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    I used the official Microsoft Press study guide.

    there is a total of 3 1/2 pages on WSUS.

    My exam had at least 10 question regarding it.

    Needless to say I failed.
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