Passed Whoooooooooo

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Wowie Wow! What a relief 775, just squeaked in, but I'll take it. I almost forgot about the Comptia survey at the end - my heart was pounding! I used the Exam Cram & multiple practice tests! I love going into work Monday with Good News !! :D


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    Yeah, I hated that survey, too. What a time to give it. JUST GIVE ME MY SCORE!!! :P
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    Congrats on the pass :)
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    Do you have to complete the survey ?

    Was the exam a tough one ?
    How long did it take to complete ?
    What study guides did you use ?
    Did you see much on cryptography ?

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    The survey is mandatory, 15 ?s and can't be bypassed. I believe it took me about an hour or so after double/triple checking questions. I used the three practice test on techexams,, and also the cd that came with my book. If you're planning on taking the Exam, I would recommend taking the port test from Techexams over and over until you get 20/20. I would also study Cryptography as well and know all the objectives.Good luck icon_santa.gif
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    hey congrats buddy :D
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    congrats icon_cool.gif
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    PFFT - i wrote MS exam today - and after nervously clicking yes to "yes my exam is complete" the system just sat there with that stupid cursor - in the past i remebr it taking a few minutes but this time NO JOKE it took al togethr 17 MINUTES i know coz i was timing it - i even called the lady in and said what happened - she was new and she started hinting at i may need to re do - i was FURIOUS
    but then BOOOOM the screen comes up - i was looking for the red FAILED but what do i see -

    "would you like to take the survey"

    the WORST!

    hey bud you know what i remeber one exam that i failed - i dont remeber getting that survery i think the survey only comes for passers - maybe its an actual tease!!!

    HEY ON A TOTALLY Seperate note - i need some guidance on the security cert
    so if i am understanding - its jsut one exam and i dont have to have any pre req certs?
    am i right? what is the exam number on the CompTIA site they have mentioned:

    Current English Exam Codes CompTIA Security+ E2C Exam: JK0-010

    CompTIA Security+ 2002 Exam: SY0-101

    but do i have to write them both?

    i am thinking of doing the Security that way ill knock that off and i can substitute it for my elective for MCSE 03 - any suggestion/advice?
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    It is only one exam. There are no pre reqs, but Net+ is recommended. This is the correct exam Number: SY0-101. If Sec+ counts towards an MCSE elective, I would def go for it, especially if you have committed study time. Best of Luck! That is some horror story about your previous exam.
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