Finally an MCSE!!!

VWBug5000VWBug5000 Member Posts: 6 ■□□□□□□□□□
Thanks to Microsoft's second shot free offer (which ends on Jan 31st btw), I took 293 on Nov 18th (passed with 737), 294 on Dec 2nd (passed with 763) and 297 this morning (passed with 727). I took instructor led courses about three years ago and I never got around to taking the exams. I have been a sys admin for a 2003/Citrix environment for the last two years. I had planned on taking each test to see where I needed to study since the second shot was free but happened to scrape by without any (current) prep work.

I guess this just shows how much hands-on experience helps.

I haven't posted very often but I've used this site for just about all of my exams so far, and I wanted to thank everyone on this site for the help.

BTW 297 for me consisted of 6 testlets and 46 total questions. Time is definitley not on your side on this exam.


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