Wich topics to concentrate on?

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Hi all,

Got my test this Saturday and I wondering which topics come up most frequently on the Exchange 2003 exam? Of course I'm going to go over as much material as possible and do all the practice exams I have but I want to know which topics are the most common on the exam and which areas you think I'll need to know the best.




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    Have you taken 291 or 293 yet? Many people stress taking those first. You should read up on some of the other posts in this forum. There have been a lot of people disappointed in the types of questions they've gotten.
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    There will be DNS, Subnetting, RRAS type questions, Exchange 5.5 questions, setup, backup/recovery for Exchange, etc. NO simulations.

    The majority of the test was networking type questions that would see in 70-291 and 70-293...I can't go more into detail without giving away the exam.
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