CompTIA membership: insecure forms

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I wanted to schedule my Security+ exam for 2 weeks time, and was looking into getting CompTIA membership. It seemed a no-brainer because I would get a 25% discount from my next exam, which is near enough what it cost to join. I went to and followed the link through to the membership page.

I filled out the first two forms and then completed the form asking for my credit card details. I thougth I'd better just check that the page was secure, but to my horror it was just a plain http page, and the form also submits to a http page. I'd nearly sent my credit card details in the clear! How ironic from an organisation I am going to spend a lot of money to get a security certification with!

I sent an email to them last night, and have not had a reply from them all day today. Is there something I'm missing? The link is at the bottom of this page at


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    Manually edit the URL to https and reload the page...voila, you are now using SSL.
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    Yeah.. I did notice that it responded on https as well, but the fact they've allowed it to work through http by default is bad, in my opinion.
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    Yea. That's pretty odd. You're ok as long as the page the form submits to is https (which I just assumed would be the case), so I went and took a peak at the HTML. Sure enough, the form submits to itself for processing, so there is no HTTPS. Good observation!
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