Given a choice: 640-821 beta or Wait till 640-821 non-beta?

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If saving money was not a motivating factor, (I wish) would you take the CCNA Intro 640-821 Beta Version, or wait an additional day or so to take the non-beta version of 640-821 that is to be released. I'm curious because I will be taking the beta version on Feb 18th. Should I wait 24 hours? Will it make a difference?


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    Surely it will make some difference. I had a hard time convincing them 1 of the questions was wrong when I took the beta last summer, but overall the exam should be pretty much the same as the beta ;)

    The difference can be either good or bad, but the exam is very doable, and money is not an issue, I'd go for the beta. If you pass it you'll save some money afterall.

    Good luck!
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