juniper over cisco cert?

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in the not too distant future im thinking about undertaking a cert in the network side of things, most commonly the ccna. is there any input from a juniper point of things in why i should go for a juniper cert over the ccna?

ive also heard that the juniper stuff is used mailnly in backbones, so would it not be the best option to look at something like this at the minute?

any input would be great.

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    You would be better off starting with Cisco as it is the most widely used. Cisco also makes a wider range of products for small to large businesses. If you find a job working with Juniper then you could look into that area.
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    cheers, thanks for the reply
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    yes, i got my ccna before i started with the juniper certs. and yes you are right, juniper has a lot of "backbone" equipment but they are starting to come out with more "enterprise" equipment, hence their new certification track, Enterprise Routing. It is focused more on smaller networks. juniper has included a gui into their enterprise equipment that makes programming it very easy. for me i get to work on their T-640's, T-320's, M-40's, M-10's and M-7's so i get a lot of experience with their equipment (thanks to uncle sam icon_lol.gif ), that is why i jumped into the juniper rhealm, and i have to say it has been very rewarding. there is a lot of flexibility with juniper.
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