Prometric Candidate ID is different

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For all my previous MCPs I used Pearson Vue. I've just passed 70-291 today using Prometric as the test provider and I have noticed that the candidate ID printed on the results slip is different from my MCP ID and the Candidate ID on the Pearson Vue slips. Does this mean they've registered me under the wrong MCP ID? Is this going to cause a lot of problems in getting the exam listed with the proper transcript? Might I even have to retake the test because of this?

Has anyone experienced this when switching to Prometric?


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    You'll probably have to take the test again.

    Just kidding. I'm sorry; I shouldn't joke around with 291 like that.

    I'll have to check my paperwork, but I think candidate ID refers to your ID at the testing center. Is your MCP ID the same? I had to supply my current information to Prometric when I signed up. If you didn't do this, you'll probably be assigned a new MCP ID. A phone call to MS can consolidate your certs into one ID. It's not a big deal. As long as you and/or they have a record of you passing the exam, you won't have to retake it.
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    My test ID with Pearson was the same as my MCP ID. I'll call Prometric tomorrow to ask.
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    Yep, same here. My Prometric Candidate ID is some gibberish that includes a few letters as well. Log in here and see if you can see your test on your transcript: (it might take a little bit to appear since you just passed it)
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    I called Prometric today and the Candidate ID on their slips is just a reference number that they use. It shouldn't cause any problems when updating the results with Microsoft.
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    When MS allowed Pearson & Prometric testing centres, you're allowed to mix test providers, MS will eventually get the results from either one and will be able to figure out what you cert(s) you qualify for.
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    I have a serious problem concerning my exams. I passed exams microsoft 70410,70411,70412,70413, on canditate id sr9136534. I recently passed my last exam microsoft 70414 but it not on the same candidate id it on sr9501292. Please someone can help me to solve the problem.. thanks for all
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    I would advise you call prometric to resolve
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