2008 Upgrade exam

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Hey Does any one know what the exam number is for the 2003 MCSE upgrade exam to 08 my understanding is that it is just the one exam

has any one actually written it? how difficult are we talking? any advise?

thank you


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    MCSE 2003 -> MCITP: Enterprise Administrator
    1. Upgrade exam 70-649 to become MCTS ADS, MCTS Networking, and MCTS Application Platform
    2. Exam 70-620: MCTS: Vista, Configure or 70-624 Deploying and Maintaining Vista and 2007 Office System Desktops
    3. Exam 70-647: MCITP: Enterprise Administrator
    Just as for second MCSA 2003 upgrade path above, this also results in 3 MCTS certifications and one MCITP, but it requires 3 exams instead of 4. And again, adding Exam 70-646 would also result in MCITP: Server Administrator.

    I have complete 70-649 and it was hard but OK. Passed with little study. Mainly due to lack of study material at the time. Heaps of questions on 2008 IIS and command line options.

    Check the Vista forum for advise and we are still waiting for details on the 70-647 to appear.
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    Here's another post I created on how to achieve MCITP. It doesn't include how to just upgrade to your MCTS though which would just be 1 exam from MCSE 2003.
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