linux good enough?

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Hi all,
I am preparing for from somewhere a question came to my mind,i need ur advice,suggestions anything abt this.In terms of salary/perks, is LINUX good? I saw people giving hardwork to cisco certs,m$ certs.I mean If someone clears say LPIC,Comptia and RedHat and then few Oracle tit-bits,will she/he be among same salary block as other top certs are??can anyone bet his career on LINUX ??are there linux ppl earning gr8??

i saw just few RHCE here.plz share ur thoughts.


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    In the Linux world certifications don't seem to be as popular as they are for MS and Cisco. There also aren't as many people studying Linux as there are with Windows and Cisco. In my opinion if you get even a basic knowledge of Linux that will give you an edge over others entering the IT field. Of course if you have a solid knowledge of Linux/Unix you can make a good career out of being a Linux Admin. From what i have seen there is less competition in the Linux word if you have the exerpience and knowledge to back it up.
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    Like sthomas said, Linux shops place less emphasis on certs than those in MS, Cisco, and others. However, on the average, it does appear that Unix/Linux admins (good ones) tend to earn more than a Cisco/MS admin with the same amount of experience/years.

    If you are good with linux and oracle you'll be very marketable.
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