70-293 How Hard?

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I have passed the 70-290, 70-270 and 70-291 in the last 9 weeks.

I have worked with IT a long time. Working from the MS Press books.

I found 70-291 pretty tough - failed it once - passed it the second time - how does teh 70-293 compare with 70-291?


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    I would rank 70-293 second toughest exam after 70-291. It is recommended to dig into the 70-293 material and take exam right after 70-291 due to the overlap. If you understand the stuff from 70-291 "The Beast" then you should on to a good start with 70-291.

    I too failed 70-291 my first time!!
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    Also, I just want to add that many people seem to loathe the MS Press book for this exam. I believe the Sybex book is the preferred alternative. You might want to read some of the reviews on Amazon before you get too far into your studies.

    Whoops. I meant Syngress, not Sybex. Thanks royal.
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    Much appreciated opinions - thanks
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    I can attest to that as I read the Syngress 70-293 and parts of the MSPress. The MSPress was definitely inferior to the Syngress book. Of course this doesn't mean MSPress is bad for other exams as they're all done by different authors. For 70-290/291/294/297, I really liked the MSPress.
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