Passed Linux+ today!

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Passed the Linux+ exam today with a score of 880/900! I was given 90 minutes to complete 98 questions, however I only needed about 45 minutes. I have about 5 years experience administering Linux and UNIX machines, and I brushed up with CBT Nuggets and the technotes on this site. Not sure how many I missed, but on the questions that I was unsure about, I was easily able to eliminate the wrong answers and at least have a 50/50 chance. My last three exams have been MS exams, and I decided to take the Linux+ to give me a much needed break from them. Time to move on to 70-290! :D


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    Congrats! icon_thumright.gif

    So how would you rate the Nuggets and the TechNotes? icon_cool.gif
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    The nuggets and technotes here were top notch, as always. I use them as my primary study material for almost every exam. My employer provides me with training material, and the nugget videos are always included. I didn't watch every video because I didn't have much time to study, and I already had about 5 years of hands-on administrative experience. I decided to just brush up on tasks that I don't do everyday, and luckily it paid off!
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    Congrats. :)

    It is a nice exam to break up the MS path. ;)
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    congrats :D
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    Congrats on the pass! Good luck on 290.
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    CONGRATULATIONS..!!! Great work....
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    congrats and good luck......
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    I'm starting to study for Linux+
    I needed a break for Microsoft stuff. After Linux+ I will work on 70-291.
    Then Vista (as of right now I don't like it)
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