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HEllo, I'm new here and I'm studying for 2 months for the exam. I'm using the sybex, exam cram 2 and cbt/learnkey videos, it's enough ?

The questions on the book are similar to the exam ? The books are of 2003, the exam was not updated ?
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    The current version of the exam is SY0-101. As long as your materials are for this version they are updated for the current version of the exam. It has been a few years since an update to the Security+ certification, however I don't know the exact date off-hand.

    Don't forget there is an excellent study resource here that you can utilize in addition to your reading. By clicking here you can view the Technotes for the Security+ exam, complete practice questions to gauge your readiness, find links to the official Comptia site, and view recommended reading materials.

    Be sure to download the exam objectives from by clicking here and filling out the form. You should be able to talk comfortably about all of these areas.

    If you need additioanl study materials keep in mind you don't have to look exclusively at Security+ books. If you are weak on the network aspect you can pick up a book on it.
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    You should be OK. Make sure you know the info inside and out.
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