In my new job as a sys admin, I will be starting in new the year, one of the things I will be doing from time to time is creating documentation. My question/concern is, is there a certain way of doing this? I have only ever done quick setup guides for installing/deploying software. I really have no idea how to do proper documentation.
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  • Megadeth4168Megadeth4168 Member Posts: 2,157
    Depends on what you are talking about exactly.....

    There are 2 types of Documentation that I do.... The first type is Documenting step by step instructions on how to do things. This is for times when I am on vacation on someone less experienced needs a quick reference on the material.

    The other type of Documentation is basically a troubleshooting ticket type of system. Basically you document the errors/issues and what you did to solve it... Usually record at least date and time. The more detailed the better, this way if something goes wrong on this particular system again, someone else can see what was already attempted... That and it can save you if you are accused of screwing the system up further.... If properly documented, you can show that everything you did on the system was the correct course of action given the nature of the problem.
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    I would get a template from other documentation made from the company and use that. Talk to your auditor/security/HR people to try and keep standardized documentation throughout the company.
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    The business you will be working for should already have documentation standards (e.g., templates, style guides, approval process) in place. Unless you will be the their first sysadmin to perform documentation, you'll have plenty of existing docs to use as references for what you need to produce.
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