Bulding CCNA Lab

aznluvsmcaznluvsmc Member Posts: 47 ■■□□□□□□□□

I found a company that is selling used CCNA lab kits and I'm thinking about purchasing one. Can someone tell me whether the kits include everything I need to study CCNA. Here are the two kits:

CCNA Kit #1
2 Cisco 2501 Routers 16D/16F
1 Back to Back Cable
2 Console Kits
2 Ethernet Transceivers

CCNA Kit #2
2 Cisco 2501 Routers 16D/16F
2 Cisco 2503 Routers 16D/16F
1 Cisco 1924C-EN Switch
5 Console Kits
4 Back to Back Cables
4 Ethernet Transceivers

I'm thinking about buying Kit#2. Any suggestions?


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