Wanna be an ENGINEER not NOC

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Hi All,

I work as a NOC technician in a hosting company (sms, voicemail, etc)

I am tired of being a NOC.

I have passed CVOICE exam, but not sure yet whether I want to pursue the whole CCVP because by
having CCVP does not guarantee me to get a job.
(I already read Mike and other fellow's comments in this forum about this)

The company that I work now does not use CallManager, Unity or whatever listed in CCVP.
They use SIP and their own technology to store the voice mail, SMS, etc.

My task is to monitor the network.
I don't do implementation or migration or something like that.

I am really tired of all this. I have a bachelor degree in computer science.
7 years of experience in IT. (2 years programming + 3 years tech support + 2 years in NOC)

Please give me suggestion so I can move up to the next level.

Is somebody here can share or suggest what should I do to be a VOIP ENGINEER ?
How to learn that ???

I really appreciate if somebody here in the forum who are "REAL VOIP ENGINEER" can give an advice and want to share.

Thank You



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    jack&8jack&8 Member Posts: 3 ■□□□□□□□□□
    no doubts certification does not guarantee you a job but by studying first at least u build up your knowledge which i strongly believe will be considered when it comes to an interview...

    the only thing that will guarantee you a job will definitely ur experience but how do u get the experience without proper knowledge ?

    i believe there must be a starting point as the mere fact is that u r clear about ur career destiny ...
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    nice343nice343 Member Posts: 391
    certification does not gurantee a job but the knowlege gained is priceless. Who knows after completing your CCVP you can even start your won IT job by impleting voice and data networks for small companies.
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    CucumberCucumber Member Posts: 192
    I agree with the previous posters.
    You need a lot of information and a lot of practice. :)

    If I had the time you have on your hads with that NOC job, I would go for the CCVP and maybe some VoIP specializations. I would read a lot of other cisco docs, like the "Network Solution Reference" guides.
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    NetstudentNetstudent Member Posts: 1,693 ■■■□□□□□□□
    YOu have 7 years of experience and a BA. I see no reason why you could not land a Level 1 Network Engineering position.

    Job titles are over rated though. Especially in our field. I know one guy who calls himself an engineer but has taken the CCNA 2 or 3 times and is still not certified. I realize that certs do not always constitiute a person's skill, but if you are in an engineering level position and you can't figure out how to pass an entry level networking certification, then something isn't right.

    You don't have to go into VoIP, but most "engineering" level positions are going to have hands on with VoIP because a lot of businiess are beginning to migrate to a converged network. Maybe you could find a job that isn;t "Voip engineer" but has the opportunity to work with it so you can get those skills in case you want to move into pure VoIP in the future. IF you don;t like your NOC position becuase you are sitting on your hands all day then start pusing out resumes like a mad man. 7 years and a BA degree holds a lot of weight. Don't sit around on top of a plateau, move up and on to something else.
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