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I am building a home lab while I study for my CCNA. I would like to have a five router setup at some point. Three routers connected to another for Frame Relay then an access server. My first purchase was a 2620XM which should be here today. I have three Cat 2924XLs that one of my engineers has loaned me as well.

Basically I am looking for a topology to build towards. Any recommendations? What devices should I purchase next? Any recommendations would be great.

I will most likely continue buying from Bob has been more than helpful so far.


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    If you read through the forum you will find many threads on the same question you are asking. There is also a sticky that has lab info.

    You can just plug all your routers in to the switch and frame switch and create almost any topology you want with out having to move your cables around. Good luck with the lab!
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    Welcome to the forums!

    You already seem to know what you want, just go get em! For a frame switch I would go for something with 5 or more serial interfaces so you can use the router both as a frame switch and frame DTE (maybe a 2600 with a nm-4a/s and a WIC 2t) so you can reduce the numer of routers you need. Also I would pick up atleast one 2950 switch and for an access server you can use the 2509, or if you can find one a cs-516 (they're usually dirt cheap but they run an IOS that is pre 10.0 so it's a different interface, I ahve also used Xyplex terminal servers for this)
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    Thanks for the welcomes. I received my 260XM 128/32 today. What would be a good use for it inside the five router topology? I figured I could get some 2501s for the frame cloud and use the 2620XM for something else.
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    Welcome to the board ;) It's a slippery path down the road of acquiring (more and more) hardware!
    Buying hardware for a home lab is addicting-- (Need.. more.. toys...) **(need.. more.. money)
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    Ok, here is where I am at now.

    I currently have the following:

    1x2620XM 128/32

    I am going to purchase:

    3x2610 32/8

    I am going to set up Frame Relay. The three 2610s will be the cloud. I need a recommendation for the FR Switch (maybe another 2610?).

    I am going to set up an AS too. Should I use the the 2620XM for the FR Switch or as the AS?

    Does this plan make sense?

    Which modules should I buy to put it all together?

    Will the 2950s hook up to two of the routers in the cloud or will they go somewhere else? I am looking for a topology recommendation as well.

    Thanks everyone. Merry Christmas!
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    Go 16/64 0n the 2600's.

    Use a 2520 for your frame switch (or a 2521, I prefer the 4500's with up to 12 serial interfaces)

    Grab a 2509 or 2516 for the term server, they are far less expensive than the 2600 with a nm16a or nm32a
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    Thanks for the info. I already have the 2620XM so I need to implement it somewhere. Where would be a good spot?
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    Could he add a nm-8a/s for frame relay, or is that used for something else?
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    Why use the best router you have for a frame-relay switch when it can be done with any old router? As I said before you could use it as both a frame switch and a frame DTE device at the same time (you could use an nm-8a/s). This would rsult in needing to reconfigure the frame switch often so I would just go for a cheap 2520 or 2521. Use the 2600XM wherever you want, but you will want it to be connected to the frame switch.
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    I guess I can use the 2620XM as the AS, etc. I will get the 2610s with 16/64 at least.
  • boostinbadgerboostinbadger Member Posts: 256
    I just purchased the next building block to the lab:


    I will purchase two more soon. At that time I will buy modules and cables. Any suggestions? I know I will put a nm-4as in one 2610 that is going to be the frame relay switch.
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