My new VM HD (love it!)

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I just picked up one of these to hold all my virtual machines: Wester Digital Passport

I spend a lot of time on three different machines (home, work, and laptop), and I was having a difficult time working through lab exercises across all of these machines. This has allowed me to keep working with the same setup regardless of where I am. I picked up an open-box 120gb version for $70. That gives me more than enough room for all my VMs, TechNet ISOs, etc.

It comes with a really short cord, scratches/smudges easily, and 5400rpm is a tad on the slow side. I'm not using it for video editing, and I picked up Case Logic case from Amazon for around $15. I'd recommend this (or something similar) for people who spend a lot of time studying in various places.


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    hi dynamik,

    i was looking into one of those because i only have a 60gig hd in my laptop.

    What is the performance like on one of those things when you start to open loads of VM's? also hows the size of them? i guess they must be pretty compact being 2.5"?

    What size did you get? ive been dying to get one for ages but heard mixed reviews about there performance for VM's?
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    The load times haven't even been noticeable for me. I usually just start them up and go get coffee or something, and they're up and running when I get back. Once they're loaded, pretty much all the activity will take place in RAM anyway. Obviously, I wouldn't use these in a production environment, but it's perfect for my study lab.

    I got the 120gb version. The open box was $10 less than the 80gb, so it was a no-brainer. They go up to 250gb, but that's way more than I need for this.
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    Can you use VMPlayer to access your VM's or do you need the full version of VMware on the computer you are suing to access the VM's.
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    You need Workstation to create the virtual machines, but you can use the player to run them. You can also download many free player machines. These are typically linux distros such as Ubuntu or other open-source operating systems/appliances.

    If you're tight on cash, you can also use Virtual PC, which is free. I would absolutely pick a copy of VMWare Workstation 6 if you can afford it though.
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    The best price I've found for a single copy of VMWare Workstation 6 for Windows is $189US when downloaded from itself. Anyone know of a significantly better price for the boxed CD distribution of VMWare 6?
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    VMware server is freee....
    Fantastic. The project manager is inspired.

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    Virtual Box is also free.
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    Hello guys, I'm currently studying for 70-290, and have set up a lab at work, but it only consists of 2 computers (xp and server 2003), and I can't connect it to the companys network (because of security issues obviously), therefore the server is not connected to the internet. Which means that I can not do the WSUS/SUS excersises. Since my server only has a single disk, I cant do the RAID/multiple disks excersises either.

    I would like to know how to set up a virtual lab. How does VMWARE work? Any pointers would be welcome. Thanks in advance. :)
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    If you're just looking for an overview, check this out:

    Virtualization is an insanely cool technology. Vmware lets you run as many machines as your specs (memory, hd space, ram) allow on top of your existing machine. You can add numerous HDs, so you can do the disk exercises, multiple NICs, so you can do routing, etc. Watch that video and let us know if you have any specific questions.
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