Interview for systems Administrator position!!!

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I have interview for systems Administrator position, for this Friday in one of the biggest IT company Please give me your advice, I am nervous.........................

The interviewer told me I have to write the test and pass before I appear for interview.
Oh God!!!!



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    Try not to be too nervous (I know, easier said than done!)

    Don't try mislead them into thinking you're an expert in something you don't know

    Remember, at this stage, it's all about what value you can provide THEM.

    Come prepared to answer the typical questions you would encounter at an interview, but it is OK to pause and think for a few seconds.

    Come prepared to ASK questions of the person(s) interviewing you. Nothing about what's in it for you, but "what is it like to work here", "how long have you worked here", "what do you like about working here" are some good generic questions that make it known that you are taking an active interest in finding out about the company.
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