On Second attempted, Passed 291!

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Finally! I took the 2276c and 2277c courses at school, and used the 70-291 Transcender software that was required for our class. Went in on Monday to take the exam and failed with a 678. I changed 6 right answers to wrong ones at the last minute.

Went in again today just two days later and passed with a 760. I admit i was weak on IPSec being it was one of the least covered things in class. There were a lot of SUS questions but fortunately I have deployed WSUS v3.0 that at work. It was still worth while reading the WSUS 2.0 documentation being that is what I was tested over.

For those who may do retakes, I remarkably got the same 3 simulations. For me, most questions were different though a few did repeat, mainly the easier ones not the DNS, DHCP, or RRAS questions.

Now Just Network+ for MSCA!


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    Very cool. Congratulations on the pass, and good luck on Network+.

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    Congrats! Net+ should be fairly easy for you if you already have your ccna :D
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    Thanks, ya I hope so. I did the practice exam on techexams and it was easier than I thought.
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    congrats, good luck with n+ :D
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    congrats. how did you find the exam to your ccna?
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    Well even though the CCNA can be difficult due to time crunch, high pass mark, no question review, I myself found the CCNA much easier than the 291. However this was because I have had quite a bit of hands on experience with routers and switches. If you know all the router outputs and router commands, can subnet in your head, etc, its very easy to pick out the right answer and just speed through the test. I passed the INTRO with a 983 and the ICND with a 934 on my first tries with 20 minutes to spare each. Where as on the 70-291, you have these long verbose scenarios you have to read through and for me the long amount of time you have just adds to the anticipation. With the CCNA your not given enough time to worry. However by no means is it "subject or preparation wise" an easy task.
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    thats good feedback. i was just wondering because so many compare the tests. i have never took the ccna tests but im gona start to put a lab together and go for it at some point.
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