Windows Vista "Cryptographic subsytem error" on bo

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I am working on a laptop that has Windows Vista Home premium installed. The OS will not load no matter what I do. When I first received it every time it would boot startup repair would say it found a problem, tried to repair it, but could not. Then I could shut it down or reboot again and it would do the same thing. After trying the following: Last known good configuration, system restore, chkdsk.exe, chkntfs.exe, sfc.exe, bcdedit.exe, bootrec.exe etc....

and this....


At one point I got an error message saying I was missing the disk.sys file. I copied that file from the Vista DVD to the C:\Windows\System32\drivers folder and still not working. When I would boot to the DVD and select repair it would say it found problems and then it would say it automatically repaired them. I would restart, I did this several times and it did not fix anything.

Now when I turn the laptop on it will start loading vista, then come up with a blue screen with a "Cryptographic subsytem error". I googled this to the end of the internet and found nothing useful. The customer has been having problems with this laptop ever since they got it. They contacted Dell since it is still under warranty but all Dell wants to do is have them reformat and reinstall the OS. I was told they have done this several times already and continue to have problems. This time the customer did not want to reformat and reinstall the OS so they were hoping i could fix this problem. I am at my wits end on this one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    If a reformat/reinstall didn't work (several times) there is probably a hardware problem causing the error. Download the dell diagnostics for the laptop and run it, it may indicate bad memory or something.
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    I ran the Dell Diagnostics, then I ran the memory and hard drive specific test and everything passed ok. I ended up booting to the CD to get to the command prompt, then used robocopy.exe to copy all of the users files and documents from the drive to my flash drive. After that I reformatted and reinstalled the OS. The user told me they reformated and reinstalled a few times before but I don't think they actually reformatted the drive. I think they just did a Dell factory restore or something along those lines as the partitions seemed weird when I went in a deleted them and just created one partition for the drive. I left the Dell Diagnostic partition intact of course but got rid of th OS recovery partition because it seemed worthless anyway. Now that I did all of that the Computer is working a lot better now. In my opinion the Vista repair options don't work very well and the OS still has some issues. Hopefully when SP1 is released that will take care of most of those.
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    sthomas wrote:
    Hopefully when SP1 is released that will take care of most of those.

    SP1 isn't going to include any major new features. It's basically going to be a pack of all the updates up to this point. They'll probably add a few minor things, but I wouldn't hold my breath on any new functionality.
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