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This is my first post so Hello.

I would like to chime in about the CompTIA tests and some of the many posts I've read.

first I would like to preface my comments by stating that obtaining the cert is two-fold (for me personally). personal interest, knowledge, curiosity, and future employment (they require it) that I'm looking at. So this is an important certification.

My current employer paid for both the 601 and 602 tests - relief to me because after taking them I must say they are over priced as compared to the MS 270 test I took in late October. I took them back to back Tues / Wed but I could have easily taken them on the same day. I don't see the need in waiting a month, but that is a personal preference.

As far as the tests go I studied the Exam cram book cover to cover and my employer purchased the Transcender software for me. Neither were of any additional value. What's advertised as the percentages of questions I did not notice. Between the two tests I believe I only got 10 printer questions and two of them were related to laser printers. I'm disappointed because I studied that the most.

But, I am excited that I have the MCP and now the A+ and I'll start on the Net+ after the holidays.

Good luck to all that are studying for certifications and happy holidays.


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    Please start your own thread rather then buring a post in the middle of an existing conversation...unless of course the comments pertain to the converstation. ;)

    Thank you
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