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Passed w/ a score of 830 after about a month of studying.
Network+ certified 11/01/2007 and Security+ 12/20/2007.

I don't think I'm really interested in doing the MCSE route since I'm already GIAC/GCWN certified. I'll get more experience then go for my CISSP!


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    Congrats vital , can you give some information about security+ exam , what are the most frequently question appear in the exams..
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    difference between mac/rbac/dac


    osi layer of ipsec

    difference between all the backup methods

    social engineering example

    dns port

    ftp data port, does ftp send in clear-text?

    ssh port

    wep/wpa for wifi security

    all ports related to email clients

    best method of security given aes, des, 3des, deffie helman

    what happens when an email is sent in html format and the S/MIME .exe attachment is renamed?
    a) keeps getting resent, b) is not readable, c) email server will delete, d) ??

    pgp security

    difference between passive/active nids, hids

    disk storage for log files should be at least
    a) 1 month of storage b) 1 yr of storage c) depends? d) ??

    given smartcard and and username/passwd for authentication, what method of authentication?

    in older unix, what is the file that shows encrypted passwords?
    a) /etc/passwd, b) /etc/shadow c) ?? d) ??

    difference between dmz/intranet/extranet

    random choices included TACACS, Sandbox, one to one, many to one, many to many, one to many

    how to fight against sniffing type-question given the choices switches, routers, hubs, firewall

    risk of transporting backups offsite

    best place for disaster recovery given hotsite, warmsite, coldsite, reciprical agreement?
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    congrats icon_cool.gif
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    Congrats for passing!
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    Congratulations...CISSP it is better than MCSE on the security way...but it is a hard one...
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    nice job ! :D
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    congrats and good luck on the CISSP
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