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help help help, please ,please,please can you remove the messages with my email on it . i have alot of spam's messages and its driving me creazy

i hope you will answer my request

the message name is help me and the email starts with [email protected]

please ,please,please

thank you


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    if the email address of the sender is not a person you correspond with, it may be better just to block the address in you email client.

    the sender of an email, may not necessarily be the person responsible for sending the email. in the case of virus infection, messages are sent to everybody in an addressbook, but not necessarily the name of the email account sending them. the same with spam. my yahoo account looked like it had been hijacked a number of weeks ago, as i had received really funny messages back from mail servers.

    as much as i think online email accounts and accessing them online is an inconvenience, the likes of yahoo email offers some sort of security in that with outlook express (to my knowledge, but then i have an uncanny knack of forgetting stuff) it downloads all the messages, whereas with an online account you can view the sender name and message subject before opening it.

    never attempt to open email attachments unless you know the sender. the best thing to do, is actually save the attachment(s) into a folder called "email attachments", then scan them with your anti-virus sortware.

    there have been many threads over the years in various forums, including this one, about anti virus software. i use norton av 2000, and have downloaded the free-for-domestic-non-commercial-use versions of grissoft and avast.
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    You should be able to edit your own posts...

    I've edited you 'need help' post and removed the e-mail address.
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