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Has anybody had any issues with I am studying for the 70-620 exam only received the first video and my problem is I can't log in, and it says my email address is not in there database. I know it's in there, because they sent me the login information to that same email they say they don't have. I emailed them 4 times this past week, with no response. I hope I can get this resolved before my 30 days are up because the charges are recurring.
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    You can always contact your bank or cc company and tell them not to allow any more charges from that company. You might even be able to get them to charge back the original amount if you have documented evidence that you were not able to use the service and that they did not respond to your inquiries.
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    Ok, I will try that. Thanks dynamik
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    CIW Web Foundations Associatef(Knock out some certs before WGU)
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    I can see that they are very good at self promotion but that does not always make an efficient company.
    dynamik is correct - contact your bank
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    Winstructor does not deliver its product.

    They are billing my card quarterly for 99.95 but never give me access to their site.

    Stay away from these CROOKS.

    They do not respond to their support site.

    Their webmaster does not respond to emails.

    PAYWORLD refuses to help. They just process the bills.

    NOTIFY the BBB about these Austrailian liars.

    There is no way to disconnect.

    Cancel your card if you use it to pay these pirates.
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    I'd suggest contacting them again to find out why you're having this problem. I too had a problem contacting them at one stage as I was contacting them using the email address that Worldpay provided which didnt work. When I contacted them via their online form at their support page, they replied the same day.

    I'd persist, since the videos are very good, but thats my opinion anyway. Hope it gets sorted out for you.
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    Can anyone smell a employee?? icon_lol.gif

    For the OP I would personally contact your back or the Omsbudsman in question to assist, not very professional.

    Hope you get it sorted soon!
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