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Can anyone advise me which lab sims to practice to prepare for the Bsci 642-801 exam ?Are there any free ones on the net ? and how may generally appear on the exams ?


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    Previous exam takers are not allowed to disclose any information and details about the simulator in the actual exam. If you have a simulator for practice, you should of course practice all available BSCI labs until you can dream them. ;)

    However, have a look at the following page:

    Any of the objectives listed under "Implementation and Configuration" can appear on the exam as a sim.

    I seems you can actually, partly, pick the topics of the sims by answering the survey at the beginning of the exam. I.e. when they ask how much you know about OSPF and you answer them you are an expert in OSPF, you will most probably get a sim about OSPF. However if you answer 'no experience, or need help to set it up' and choose expert for BGP... I guess you get the idea.

    I'm do not want to imply that you can just skip the impl and conf commands of one or more of the routing protocols. The related commands may just as well turn up in multiple choice questions.

    For more info please check these posts:
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