CCNA Home Lab Setup

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So in the Christmas spirit I decided to go ahead an finish off my CCNA home lab, and hopefully someday CCSP/CCNP home lab.

Thanks to the extensive and borderline addictive use of eBay I managed to snag the following:

2 Catalyst C2924M-XL-EN w/ IOS 12.3
-- One also include two Fiber Modules ( WS2922-XL-M )
Cisco 3640
--NM-4A/S ( 4 Port Serial Module for Frame Relay Switch )
Cisco 2610
--2x WIC-1T ( One for the 2610, and another for a 2610 I already own )

All for under $350 shipped, hence the addicted to eBay comment.

Along with previously purchase items

Cisco 2610
Catalyst 1900
Alteon AD3 Load Balancer
HP G2 10842 Rack
Numerous 1u Servers ( Setup for Web Hosting )

I will definitely post some photos once the entire setup is up and wired, beautifully of course, and running. I am definitely looking forward to some long nights splicing cables.

Anyway, thanks to everyone here for answer all the questions posted about finding the right hardware for your home lab, it has been invaluable in helping me find what I needed.

- Brad
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