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Using Ctrl+A to select some photos (.jpg files)
I right click and get the "Open with..Image Viewer".
Thats great and all but it doesn't open each photo in it's own instance of the program and thats what I really want to happen.
Anyone know how to make this happen

I need to break from MS stuff. I only use XP at work and Vista's HW requirements/versions are stupid. Started looking for another OS a few months after Vista was released.
I'm using Ubuntu 7.10 and loving it started with 7.04.
I looked at more then a few distro's.
Any advice would help I have purchased the "Linux+ 2005 In Depth" study guide.
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    I'm not sure about the former question, but I'd go with CentOS (an independent equivalent to RedHat), Debian, and SUSE for the Linux+. That should give you a nice variety.
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    There are three types of distros you'll "need" for the Linux+ exam: they'll have sections on RPM-based installs (Red Hat, SuSE, and the like), they'll have questions on Debian-based distros (Debian itself, Ubuntu, Gentoo), and then there'll be questions about the "plain" Linux distros, like SlackWare. My recommendation, get yourself either Virtual PC or VM Ware and get a Fedora machine going, a Debian machine, and quite possibly a SlackWare machine going. Between the study materials available on this site, things you'll find online, and your book, you should have plenty of hands-on stuff to do in order to learn the material.

    For the RPM-based distros, Red Hat Enterprise or CentOS will work in place of Fedora, but most study material assumes it's Fedora you're running. While Gentoo and Ubuntu are great choices for full-time distros, I'd stick with Debian for study-purposes. Again, the test will assume you're working with the Debian-installer within Debian itself. The SlackWare may or may not be necessary, depending on how adventurous you're feeling. The purpose for it is to force yourself to learn how to deal with tarballs and pre-compile your own code for installing applications.

    Oh, and while I was studying for Linux+, this forum and were EXTREMELY helpful. Let us know how your progressing in your studies, and don't hesitate to ask questions if you're stuck or confused on something.

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