MS Exchange Vs IBM Lotus Notes

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Hi Friends,

Who have the bright future.

MS Exchange Or IBM Lotus Notes.

Any idea.


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    Exchange IMO.
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    If you're completely an IBM shop, perhaps Lotus Notes, but otherwise, definitely Exchange.
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    Well from what I remember "along time ago"

    Lotus uses a sql file database structure, when these files get very large, they are very tough to maintain. Also you have to use ID keys (digital certificates proprietary to lotus) to use a certain username (this was a pain in the @$$)

    As some id files would expire and would cause alot of trouble at help desks because admins had to recreate new ID files and post them on a website or email them to the helpdesk.

    I remember an admin telling me way back when (not for sure if this is still the case) but due to some reason domino servers could not be clustered, each server had to be individual. I cant remember why this was, and I dont know if its true or not, i think it had some reason to do with compacting (compression) of the lotus database files (nsf files)

    Also I remember you had to know the users "display name" in lotus, in order to setup a mail box, you could not use a simple username such as "mgeorge" or w/e this caused alot of headaches because you would have to look up the username and get the ID file prior to installation, very time consuming

    I also remember once local archives got past like 4GB, they became really easy to corrupt.

    Any who figured i'd provide my past experince with lotus :)
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    With Exchange 2007 & IBM Lotus Domino 8 being out, its now more difficult to decide on the mail system best for you. Both systems have entered massive improvement to their systems. You got to decide what fit you best after comparing the differences. I believe looking at an Exchange 2007 & Domino 8 Comparison just like the one linked to here is best.

    I will reply to mgeorge27 queries:
    IBM Lotus Domino 8 has Application Clustering which is even better than the OS Clustering offered by exchange <== I believe who ever you asked either had a very old Lotus or not aware of it.

    IBM Lotus Domino 7/8 has no problem with the size of the database. I am not sure if a very old version of Lotus had that, but Exchange 5.5 and 2000 did have similar issue.

    IBM Lotus Domino implement the file ID as security feature, but it can avoided or automated.

    I hope that was of help to every one

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