Personal experiences or opinions of PCCTI in Chicago

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I would like to know if anyone has had any experiences with this school, good or bad. I am just gathering opinions. Please share your experiences, other future student may benefit from your information.


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    I took classes there- I'm still fighting with them!
    The techer who wanted to teach us SQL had no idea what's the difference between CHAR and VARCHAR (LOL?) and it is considered to be must-know basics of SQL.
    I asked for my money back, and they said NO. They offered me a retake (It's included by default) but no (It's been since June 07) they had no MCSE groups so I can't do any retakes- I mean they promised it, I agreed to it and they can't keep up with their offes! I already paid money for Microsoft Certificates and they have it, but they don't even refund them!
    During our correspondence, I hear mo lies than heard for a long time (something like "your instructor was highly qualified with ten years of teaching...") the guy was 27-28 years old... With 10 years of teaching? :) And at last- shortly after I started visiting them, I found their craigslist posting "looking for MCSE teacher")
    They "job placement" is their empty website - that's all it is... Absolutely nothing more. Nobody in my group got MCSE+MCDBA certificate :)

    On their website there was 200 hours (57 days) but we only completed 47. I’m missing 10 days!!! It’s 12% of whole course, 37 hours of total class time! I skipped 2 days, but I didn’t count them as missed days.

    I'ts been a stress for me ever since and now I'm looking for lawyer to start lawsuite against them- they don't want to cooperate.

    Man, don't listen to them, stay away- at least if you care for YOUR money. Don't even think. Don't do same mistake.
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    GOt my MCSE.. this year they got a new teacher that at least knows what his subject is and surprisingfly i even passsed my test with whooopping 841 points, while only 700 is req... Sry dude that suc,kks VAR VarChar lol .. i think my 6 yr old bro knows tha diff.
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